Money and Markets Uganda

About Renated Media

Renated Media is a content development agency specializing in digital, electronic and print content productions and dissemination. The agency runs a dedicated video production house, an online video content channel and a print magazine property. One of our leading video production properties is the Money and Markets Television Business Magazine show which runs on NTV Uganda twice a week.

The agency was started by two media professionals with a combined industry experience of over 30 years both as practitioners and managers of Print, Radio, Television and Digital platforms.

Today Renated Media prides itself as the leading developer of business news related video content for digital and broadcast platforms in Uganda. It is for this reason that we offer weekly economic outlook on Uganda and East Africa to CNBC Africa through one of editors.


To be the leading developer and provider of content relevant to the dynamic market needs.


To tell the African business story from an African perspective with a view of exposing the contribution and right place of critical makers of that story to both local and international audiences.


  1. Integrity
  2. Innovation
  3. Service

Our Products:

Renated media today develops a wide range of properties for both the big masses and targeted audiences;

  1. Television shows: We produce television shows for selected television stations. One of them is the Money and Markets, a business magazines show, which we produce NTV Uganda.
  2. Television Mini-Series: We produce video mini-series meant to disseminate specific cause or campaign objectives to targeted audiences. We also facilitate the broadcast of such on desired mass media platforms.
  3. Video Documentaries and Montages: In an era where monitoring and evaluation reports are increasing getting visual, we produce impact capturing documentaries and montages on conclusion on projects, campaigns or programs. In addition, we produce profile and information awareness documentaries and montages meant to educate and inform masses about specific entities and causes.
  4. Online Television Platfiorm: We run a business news dedicated channel on You Tube Which we regularly update with business news analysis, entrepreneurial profiles, technology trends analysis and investment counsel from pundits which collect every week.
  5. Social Media Platforms: Renated Media produces content for online platforms and runs a number of social media channels for some of its properties including the Money and Markets show. This has presence on Face book, Twitter and Instagram.

Some of Our Partners

  1. NTV Uganda: We produce a thirty minutes business magazine television show which distribute to the Television station every week.
  2. CNBC Africa: We offer a weekly economic round up on Uganda every week to the station.
  3. aBi Trust: We have produced and broadcast a number of video miniseries about the funders’ impact on the coffee, grain and dairy value chains.
  4. Kalangala Infrastructure Services: We have developed public transport targeted video content currently being disseminated on screens mounted on the ferries run by the company. The same space has also attracted advertisers who we get through out partners Ripple Communications. The ferries offer a major connection to Kalangala islands offering a captive audience of over eighty thousand people that are transported every month and growing.

Renated Media Lead Team

Managing Director: Charles Bwogi

Charles Bwogi is Journalist, Media and Development communication consultant, media trainer and supervisor.

He has 17 years of experience as a team leader, business writer, communication consultant, business news editor and Television Development program producer. Specialized and passionate about global market trends analysis, international political economy and national budgets. Commodity financing and donor community /government relationships, public financial management and accountability.

Director: Herbert Mucunguzi :

He is a certified Marketing CIM UK Consultant spanning over 20 years of experience in Business Administration, Business startups, Strategy formulation, Message Simplification and Translation, Marketing and Sales value chain distribution expert having a great experience in the Communication sector especially Television, Rising through the ranks to heading different Organizations as Head of Marketing, Head of sales, General Manager and Country Manager of various top African brands. A passionate person to brands and has a great interest in Tourism, TV Production and Sports.